Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fuzzy Logic

Once upon a time there was a quiet little university on an island in the pacific ocean. It was summer and the students were more interested in enjoying the sunshine and sleeping on the lawn than in studying and doing their assignments. The president of the university was getting very concerned about the lack of academic enthusiasm so he hired a wizard to make things better.

The wizard issued a proclamation (that is to say, he sent an email to all the students) that said "Warning - study your books or you will face the consequences". The students ignored the email and continued to sprawl on the lawn enjoying the sun. The wizard walked around the campus and shouted at the students - "Be studious unless you wish to spend the rest of your days lying about on the grass". The students laughed at the wizard and continued to bask in the sun.

Then one warm sunny day the wizard walked to the center of campus. He stood by the fountain and declared in an ominous voice "Study or Bunny". There was a bang and a crackle and a poof, then suddenly all the students relaxing on the lawn were transformed into rabbits.

Do you find this tale far fetched? Take a walk around the campus of UVic.


  1. ah. the life of a grad student. and the life of a bunny!

  2. Could be worse. Instead of rabbits, they could be Canada Geese.......